Playing around with Cinema4D

I’ve been trying to get a deeper understanding of how Maxon Cinema 4D works for quite some time now, and yap, it is indeed an easy-to-use 3D software. As mentioned many months ago on this blog, I’ve been having a lot of fun with it and was even able to create some cool content for work since. And you can’t talk about Cinema 4D without mentioning the great work done by GreyScaleGorilla. Those guys rock !

Here’s the latest personal visuals:

Some of these are animated and will be part of my next personal showreel ! 🙂


Wild Flowers shooting

Well this was relaxing to do… It really has a therapeutical effect to spend time in the mountains and shoot flowers. 🙂

I did spend some time doing some photography as well, to practice a little:


Oh and by the way, just created a profile on 500px ! ! Cool community. Check it out here.

And here I am behind the scenes:



Shot with a Canon 5D MKII, an iPhone 4s and a GoPro mounted on a DJI Phantom. Used a small slider and a mini jib as well. Really simple stuff.

Picked up a cute little song by Geoff Zanelli “Life goes On” (Walt Disney Records ©)

Peace and love everyone ! 😀

A Walk To Montreux – iPhone 6 Plus test

So this is the second video of this kind that I quickly put together. I took a little walk in the Montreux Riviera region and thought it would be a good opportunity to test the video capabilities of my new iPhone 6 Plus.


I’ve made a few video shots without any post-treatment of any kind. It seems clear to me that mobile electronic devices are now delivering overwhelmingly beautiful image results. The sharpness, compression, automatic exposure and stabilisation are pretty impressive on the new iPhone 6. It also helps that the city itself is such a wonderful place. Enjoy !


Manta Rays at Risk

In collaboration with a good and talented friend, Martin Ureta, we’ve made a film to remind people that Manta Rays and Devil Rays need our attention to prevent their extinction.

This video was made using animated photos only. All shots taken by Martin Ureta in two locations: Hawaii and Maldives.

If you want to take action, please visit:

This film was produced by WildlifePhotography, that aims to raise awareness about endangered species and environmental issues through film and photography.

Directed by Martin Ureta
Animation by José Campos

Experimenting with Cinema 4D

Hi there! I know, it’s been a while… Hopefully I’ll stop being lazy and get more personal projects going!

Today I want to talk about my first contact with Cinema 4D. I finally got my feet wet thanks to this really simple tutorial for absolute beginners. Many thanks to Chris Schmidt from Grey Scale Gorilla for this.

Now these guys (Grey Scale Gorilla) have great stuff that you’ll definitely want for Cinema 4D, and it’s totally worthy following their blog.

This is one of my first experiments with Cinema 4D, a cute lonely alien creature abandoned on Earth:

What I have to say about this software, is that it felt intuitive and simple enough for a noob like me. Great tools and templates that allow immense possibilities for a motion graphic designer. I still have a long long way to go, but I feel I can already create interesting things.

This is a video render of my little blue furry alien:



Well, it’s a start! But the goal is to get to this level (if I stop being a lazy ass):



Also done with Cinema 4D! Clearly the possibilities are tremendous, even if it’s not as complete as 3Ds max. You can also check the breakdown of this animation here.

See you soon for more exciting ahm… Stuff!

Testing the iPhone 4S

Well, I finally had some time to test the new iPhone 4S! I find the results astonishing. So here are 2 videos that I’ve made recently, with just some basic image corrections. The depth of field is awesome thanks to the new optics, the stabilizer is not bad at all and a shiny full HD resolution! I feel I can make a pretty nice film anywhere now!

A Walk by the Lake:

Feux de l’Avent 2011:



I’m pretty happy with this investment, and taking pictures can be great with some cool apps! Here’s a list here.

Photo – Montreux

I love this city, there’s definitely something magic about it… Shot with a Canon EOS 7D and obviously treated in Photoshop to get the look I wanted. Did a time lapse as well, I’m thinking about doing a short film eventually.

Photo – Château de Gruyères

Photo taken with a Lumix GH1 of the Château de Gruyères (Swtizerland). Used several expositions to better understand the HDR process and did some additional treatments in Photoshop. It was a good exercise. Hope to do some more soon.