The Planet Effect

So I tried to recreate a planet effect with a panoramic picture. It doesn’t look too bad for a first try, and I sure got the idea. Here’s the result:

By doing this experiment, I’ve quickly realized where I could improve, specially by doing a delicate choice of a proper landscape.

I suggest you do the same, it’s fun! Here’s how:

  • First of all, make a 360 degrees picture. Take all the photos needed, add them in Photoshop and use the “Photomerge” tool under File > Automate.

More detailed info can be found on this website, and the following 4 magic steps:

  1. Open Pano in Photoshop
  2. Image –> Image Size | Now change the width to the same as the height. It will mush your photo into one square box. Be sure to uncheck the constraint box.
  3. Image –> Rotate Canvas –> 180 degrees.
  4. Filter –> Distort –> Polar Coordinates | Press Enter. Nothing to adjust.

And of course, this same principle can be applied on video. Here’s a great example:


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